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Wing 16kg RBWING16

Hersteller APDiving
Artikelnummer:  AP116-0243
Produkt Lieferzeit:   in ca. 2 Wochen
Verkaufspreis333,55 CHF
Steuerbetrag23,85 CHF
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Wing Inflator
Farbe Wing

Replacement part for Inspiration EVO, the Inspiration EVP, the Inspiration XPD, or the pre-2014 Inspiration, Evolution or the Evolution Plus

N.B. A larger 22kg Rebreather Wing is also available but it is designed only for use with the Inspiration XPD or the pre-2014 Inspiration models

The AP rebreather wing is a high spec BCD built to the world-renowned AP twin-bag BCD design - with a HF welded PU inner bladder and 1000 denier cordura outer bag protection

It features trim weight pouches at the rear-top which hold up to 3kg hard or soft lead. There are two dump/op valves at the shoulder and kidney and a third dump integrated with the inflator hose assembly

A service zip at the rear offers access to the inner bladder and all valves

Available in Grey & Black or Yellow & Black

Avalaible with AP200 Inflator or the AP100 Auto Air, or without an inflator (if you want to fit your own valve)

Available with or without an emergency mini-cylinder

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