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Deep Into Deco: The Divers Decompression Textbook

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Die beste und aktuellste Übersicht der Dekompressionsmodelle
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ISBN: 978-1930536791
Author: Asser Salama
Binding: Softcover
Seitenzahl: 120
Veröffentlichung: Februar 2015
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage
Sprache: Englisch


Deep Into Deco is a comprehensive and well-written reference text that covers the various topics of decompression theory. What makes this book truly stunning is that it is not only straightforward, easy to read and understand and free from technical jargon, but it also portrays the latest developments and controversial issues in technical diving.

From the early history of experimental trial and error to the latest innovations and changes in the decompression arena, Deep Into Deco brings the science into sharp focus. Throughout the book are demonstrations of how deco schedules are calculated in commercial software packages, without elaborating on mathematical equations or source code. Also, a grab-bag of additional points of interest that contribute to our current understanding of decompression theory is explored in detail.

Deep Into Deco includes interviews with accomplished divers, industry professionals, researchers and software developers. The writing style is a mix of strict no non-sense reporting and interesting storytelling.

This book is a must read for any diver looking at understanding decompression theory, how it evolved, what it accomplished and where the latest research is heading.


Asser Salama, a technical diver and instructor, is founder of Tech Diving Mag and developer of Ultimate Planner decompression planning software. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration. A software developer with an interest in decompression modeling, Salama plans to implement computational algorithms based on credible research papers to prevent some pioneering work from fading into academic obscurity.


“Deep Into Deco is a stimulating read which covers almost every facet of diving from breathing to technical decompression. It is well referenced and dives into (forgive the pun) great detail concerning the past and present of diving theories. I recommend this book for all divers from novice to technical expert because Asser Salama makes even the most difficult topics seem easy and understandable. No diving collection is complete without this super overview book. I will keep mine on the coffee table as a discussion piece.” —Commander Joseph Dituri, US Navy Saturation Diving Officer (ret) and Vice President of IANTD

“This book is long overdue. And it’s worth the wait. What Asser Salama has accomplished with this book is remarkable. He has taken that early history of experimental trial and error and produced a stunning reference text that brings the science into sharp focus.” —Bret Gilliam, founder of TDI

“Asser’s book is the best general overview of decompression modeling I have seen. The information it contains is relevant to divers of all levels, from the occasional sport diver who wants to know more about how their dive computer works to the technical diver planning extended decompression dives. It certainly is a welcome addition to my dive library!” —Jeffrey Bozanic, PhD, author of Mastering Rebreathers

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